Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, January/February 1993

January / February 1993


More, More, Moore
Demi Moore would seem to have it all--her health, those looks, a happy marriage, a growing family, and starring roles in two talked-about new films, A Few Good Men and Indecent Poposal--but she wants more; in fact, she says, "I want everything."

Baby Love
Woody Allen obviously hasn't learned much from the movies. Or else he hasn't seen the right ones. Hollywood has provided an impressive string of moral lessons on the dangers young women present to the old men who would pursue them.

Carnal Knowledge
Good sex is even harder to find on-screen than it is in real life. Here 10 directors who know from experiences how to film the erotic tell us what sex scenes they admire themselves.

Iron Butterfly
Lara Flynn Boyle, whose movie career kicked into gear when her TV series "Twin Peaks" kicked the bucket, comes on as a self-described "young girl" whose Mother Knows Best--but she's got the tensile smarts to survive the mean streets of Hollywood.


Everybody's Doing It... or Are They?
Long after a sexy movie's made its way to the bargain bin at your video store, the gossip lingers on: were the stars making love for real when those steamy scenes were filmed? An informal survey of the movies most whispered about separates the acting from the act.

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