Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1992

December 1992


Sixty Minutes with Tom Cruise
On the run, America's nice-guy superstar talks about working with Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, the joys of ballroom dancing and the perils of fame.

By Permut Only
Producer David Permut talks fast, deals faster, and thrives on rejection. He's got The Temp coming out next month, several projects on deck and he's just done a deal with Howard Stern.

Bacon Bounces Back
Be careful what you wish for -- you might just get it. Kevin Bacon wanted to be a teen idol, and Footloose made him one. He's been battling the image ever since, and after a string of obscure films, he's back on track with JFK and, now, A Few Good Men.

Who is J.J. Abrams and Why are People Saying Such Horrible Things About Him?
Maybe they're jealous: at 26, the screenwriter of Mel Gibson's latest, Forever Young, has been hot for years. Is he lucky? Is he good? or just a real sweetheart? We schlep around town with him to find out.

Mickey Rourke for a Day
Ever dream of what it would be like to live in the shoes of America's grungy hero, the Mickster? Intimidating the press, abusing women, kicking ass, saying ixnay to personal hygiene, chain-smoking and, best of all, tossing around serious attitude? Our reporter didn't just dream it -- he lived it.

The Look: Just Kidding
A roundup of celebs and their offspring -- the stars (and star casualties) of tomorrow.

In the Swim
Rita Rudner: Branagh's bud does Peter's Friends