Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1992

September 1992


Quick Change Artist
Talented chameleon Jennifer Jason Leigh sinks so deeply into her dark roles that audiences have trouble keeping her in focus. But Single White Female, a smart thriller in which she goes all the way, may pull her into the light for good.

Something to Crowe About
Tales from the center oft he rock'n'roll universe -- Seattle, that is -- as rock journalist-turned-filmmaker Cameron Crowe finishes his latest film, Singles.

Most Unwanted
Danny Aiello, Madonna, James Woods, George C. Scott, Melanie Griffith, Shelley Long, Jack Lemon, Eric Roberts -- yes, they're beloved by some, but to a surprising number of people, they're fingernails on chalkboard.

The Non-Player
Our L.A. insider checks out the Soho outsider scene with Tom Kalin, director of Swoon, a low-budget, high-impact retelling of the Leopold and Loeb case.

Big Man on Campus
Brendan Fraser: out of Encino

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