Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1992

July 1992


Little Big Man
Danny DeVito has one of Hollywood's most remarkable strings of movie hits. This year could be his biggest ever -- he plays The Penguin in Batman Returns, stars in Jack the Bear, then acts with and directs pal Jack Nicholson in Hoffa.

The Six Million Dollar+ Men
Ford, Beatty, Cruise, Gibson and the rest -- these actors make more money than most people earn in a lifetime ever time they star in a movie. Are they really worth it? First, imagine it's your six million, then read our bottom-line analysis.

The Life of Brian
He's the surfing, sweating co-CEO of Imagine Films Entertainment, the movie exec behind hits like Splash and Parenthood. Here, Brian Grazer talks about his faith in mankind and his summer movies -- Far and Away, Housesitter and Boomerang.

Talent to Byrne
Irish actor Gabriel Byrne has leading-man charisma, but he's still waiting for a breakthrough American hit. With three new films, maybe his Irish luck is coming up to speed.

Clerical Errors
Many movies about priests are awful -- but which one is so foul and pestilent that its makers are destined for the depths of hell?


That Dern Cat
Bruce Dern: the evil that men do . . .

Gimme Good Lovitz
Jon Lovitz: life after "Saturday Night Live"?