Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 1992

June 1992


The Heat is On
The latter-day Katharine Hepburn or the female Rambo? Paradoxes like this are what make Sigourney Weaver one of our most watchable actresses. After three years offscreen, Weaver's back as Ripley in Alien3.

Have You Directed a Ford Lately?
Phillip Noyce has, in the adaptation of Tom Clancy's Patriot Games. For his first major hollywood assignment, the Australian was given a $40 million-plus budget and the chance to turn Harrison Ford into a new breed of action-her-as-family-man.

Confessions of a Paraplegic
Eric Stoltz spent months in a wheelchair preparing for his role in The Waterdance. Here he discusses his passion for getting into character, his penchant for falling in love with actresses, and the importance of keeping secrets.

Brides' Heads Revisited
Ah, June -- the month movie star brides and grooms pledge eternal devotion along with all the rest, as if they were like all the rest. A not-so-romantic look at Hollywood nuptials, from Liz's to Madonna's.

The Look: Lookers
Hollywood's most physically gifted -- all beauties, no beasts


Here, There, and Everywhere
James Earl Jones: vox popular . . .

Victim of Circumstances
Madchen Amick, "Twin Peaks" Shelly, may be the first blonde since Farrah "The Burning Bed" Fawcett to get extended mileage out of playing the battered wife.

An Inning of Her Own
Rosie O'Donnell: major League comic . . .