Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, April 1992

April 1992


Bowie at the Bijou
Originally, he wanted to take over Hollywood. Lately, David Bowie has taken small parts in movies you probably haven't seen. Fact is, Bowie's movies are as intriguing as he is. And that's more intriguing than most.

100 Ways to Improve Hollywood
Do we think 100 is enough? No, but anyone who knows why Macaulay Culkin in drag in The Patty Duke Show: The Motion Picture is a good idea will agree. It's a start.

Perkins Cobb Revisited
It's been a year since we first heard the strange tale of the late, elusive genius director Perk Cobb. And a year is time enough for many a dark cloud to gather . . .

Out of the Past and Into the Fire
Most recent homages to film noir are pale imitations of classic movies. Why is it so hard to capture that old black magic?

Ten Interviews that Shook Hollywood
The true stories behind legendary encounters with the press that angered the likes of Costner, Brando and The Brat Pack.

The Wright Stuff?
Robin Wright made jaws drop as The Princess Bride, then ducked the limelight to have Sean Penn's baby. Now she's hoping Hollywood will find her a place at the top.