Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, March 1992

March 1992


The Return of Drew Barrymore
The actress who;d done a lifetime's worth of partying by 15 has her career back on track, proving that revenge is a dish best served when you're hot.

Career Advice
For the biggest stars in Young Hollywood - River, Winona, Christian, Keanu, Julia, et al. -- the greatest challenge is still ahead: the leap into the Land of the Adult Actor.

The First-Timer's Cut is the Cheapest
The studios are hiring more first-time directors than ever before. A movie revolution? Hardly. These kids work cheap and are easier to keep in line.

Rich or Famous?
Ethan Hawke could turn out to be both, though he's not sure he wants to be either. The talented young actor tangles with the tough choices the movie business offers.

Children of Paradise
Resisting temptations and investing their money, youngsters Edward Furlong, Lukas Haas and Sara Gilbert explain how they deal with fame.

Hollywood High
Young Hollywood isn't really a town that just says no. It just says it just says no. Undercover and overage, our sleuth invades the drug subculture.

The Look: Generation X
Nights on the town with Hollywood's smart young set.

Noise Makers
"There's no determining who has star potential," says casting director Valorie Massalas.