Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1991

December 1991


Playing to Win
As outrageous as ever, Bette Midler opens up about everything from Bruce Springsteen to shoplifting. She hopes her new film For the Boys will bring back the musical - before it's too late.

Mark Rydell vs. The Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorilla
Talk about a monkey on your back: Director Mark Rydell's trek through the Hollywood jungle has led him to the lairs of some notoriously difficult stars, from Steve McQueen and John Wayne to Henry and Jane Fonda.

Spielberg on the Couch
Steven Spielberg's dream of being accepted as a serious artist has led him to Hook. But is his nostalgia for childhood paradise lost hiding something darker? And would a little unsolicited therapy help? Luckily for Steven, the doctor is in.

Rush to the Top
From producer's wife to Oscar-winning producer of Driving Miss Daisy to first-time director of Rush. Lili Zanuck has been headed in one direction since she hit Hollywood: up.


Of Vulcan Bondage
Kim Cattrall: Sex and the single Vulcan . . .

My Favorite Scene