Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1991

October 1991


Anything is Possible
Jodie Foster's long career is proof that the rules of stardom exist to be broken. Child star, Oscar winner, now she's made her boldest move yet: behind the camera to direct Little Man Tate. Here she talks about everything from gun control to the Easter Bunny.

The Dark Romance of James Toback
This controversial director always takes it to the limit. Now, having scripted pal Warren Beatty's gangster film Bugsy, the often misunderstood Toback takes a deep breath and sets the record straight on sex, drugs, and the secret of coming down.

They Came From Within
Producers Doug McHenry and George Jackson have an unusual position in the new surge of African-American filmmakers - they came up through the studio ranks. They've followed up their hit New Jack City with House Part II

Don't Try This At Home
In which Famous Film Journalist with a death wish proves that the dangerous things people do in movies - leaping from one building to another, feeding Jell-O to a submissive woman - can't be done in real life.

The King of Spago
Some love him, some hate him - and that goes for his movies too - but everyone agrees on one thing: Henry Jaglom is quite a character, even by Tinseltown standards.


John Doe On the Range
The rocker-turned-actor spends his days far away from the streets he sang about with X.

The Look
Helen Hunt's history: hair today, blonde tomorrow.

My Favorite Scene

Grand Old Party
It's a great time to be a patriot in Hollywood, if the turnout for producer Jerry Weintraub's bash for George Bush is any indication