Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1991

September 1991


Young Man River
He's the child Joni Mitchell never had; he's the hippest vegetarian in Gainesville. From his Florida swampland lair, the enigmatic River Phoenix, just turning 21, talks sex, drugs, karma, conspiracy and his upcoming film My Own Private Idaho.

Beyond the Bard
While still a lad, Kenneth Branagh made all England mad for Shakespeare, and then made himself a star (and star director) with Henry V. Now the actor/director/phenomenon is directing and starring in the Hollywood thriller Dead Again.


Beautiful Dreamer
In the '50s and '60s, producer Ross Hunter rose to the top of Tinseltown on a wave of glamour. Critics called him the Liberace of the cinema, but Hunter's chintz- ad jewel-encrusted flicks, like Magnificent Obsession, Pillow Talk, and Imitation of Life, are what Hollywood is all about.

Out of their Closets
When they're not being dressed by pros on movie sets, most stars have curious notions of style. Here are a bunch who actually look great on a regular basis.

From Rap to Riches
Ice-T beat the mean streets of South Central L.A. to make it big, first as a rapper and then an actor in New Jack City and Ricochet. The one-time gangster, still armed, but not dangerous, surveys the scene from his elegant abode in the Hollywood Hills.

The Look
With their feet up and their hair down, Shout stars Heather Graham and James Walters contemplate the glamorous life of Malibu


First Degree
Stockard Channing can't do anything but act . . .

Stars of a Teather
In a town where a Best Actress Oscar nominee arrives at the Academy Awards dressed up as an ostrich, traditional notions of glamour have clearly gone the way of the emu.