Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, July 1991

July 1991


When Larry Met Sally . . .
Sally Field, star of Soapdish, and producer of Julia Roberts's Dying Young, doesn't know if her long, successful career makes her a tough cookie. "I'm a strong cookie," she says. We agree.

The Princess Bride
With one little-seen movie and one little-liked movie, Nicole Kidman's taken the town by storm, landing both Tom Cruise and a starring role opposite Dustin Hoffman. Nice work if you can get it.

So You Think You Want Fame and Fortune?
Woody Harrelson comes in off the beach . . .

The Waiting Game
The most sought-after female director is also the most selective: years after her film Children of a Lesser God put her on all the A-lists, Randa Haines is finally back with The Doctor.


The Look
Pamela Des Barnes reports on how Oscar-nominated costume designer Marilyn Vance-Straker created five different L.A. Women looks, all of them played to perfection by Courteney Cox.

Female Trouble
Formula-happy Hollywood execs green-light pictures on the basis of one golden rule: if it made money, try it again. But now that a few "women's pictures" have racked up big box office, we find they break one rule to play by other, less golden ones.

Breaking the Barriers
B.D. Wong takes Meryl Streep bowling . . .

Conan The Connoisseur
The tribute at the Hammer Museum was for artist Hiro Yamagata, but the guest of honor was Arnold Schwarzenegger.