Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, May 1991

May 1991


All That Kevin Allows
Kevin Costner, the undisputed Prince of Tinseltown, got to the top by making all the right moves, and skillfully surviving some wrong ones.

Adventures of a Young Director
Will Michael Lehmann, director of the little gem Heathers, be eaten alive by the Hollywood machinery of his big-budget Bruce Willis action comedy Hudson Hawk -- or will he emerge in one piece and bankable from the lions' den?


The Look
The best bad girl of the cinema talks about career moves, sex positions, and working with bad boy Ken Russell.

Let Them Wear Sequins
Partying with Hollywood's new pet designer, Gianni Versace.

Whine, Women, and Song
Watching all of Woody Allen's flicks back to back sure makes you appreciate the earlier, funnier ones.

Who's Afraid of Citizen Kane?
The greatest film ever? Requiem for a heavyweight? A reassessment of Orson Welles's disturbing masterpiece on its 50th anniversary.

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