Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, April 1991

April 1991


Get-Even Steven
Steven Seagal's not afraid of Arnie, Sly, or Clint, and why should he be? He's an aikido master, a weapons expert, a man of honor, and the hottest new action star in America.

Odd Woman In
In Terry Gilliam's The Fisher King, the idiosyncratic Amanda Plummer finally has a chance to shine in a major role, opposite Robin Williams.

From Rap to Wrap
Undercover with L.L. Cool J.


All That Glitters
The Oscars are more prestigious,of course, but for our money, the Golden Globes are the most divinely wacked-out awards ceremony in Hollywood

Kisses of Death
Seven respected actors - Hackman, Harris, Duvall, Hines, Oldman, Walken, and Woods - whose names, though well-known scare people away from the box office.

The True Story of Perkins Cobb, King of the One-Shots
He may have been the best there ever was, but he only made one movie. The writer who played pool with Perk in Best Western motels all over California and Nevada reminisces about Hollywood's primo imploding genius.