"All That Glitters" Golden Globe Photos

The Oscars are more prestigious,of course, but for our money, the Golden Globes are the most divinely wacked-out awards ceremony in Hollywood

Everybody shows up at the Golden Globes, probably in order to remind any attending Oscar voters what good sports they are. Clockwise from upper right: Anjelica Huston with new beau, sculptor Robert Graham; Michelle Pfeiffer; man of the hour Kevin Costner and his wife, Cindy; Faye Dunaway and her friend. Hook Herrara; the adorably disheveled Gerard Depardieu digging his fingers into the well-exposed back of Andie MacDowell; Bruce Willis and Demi Moore (we're glad she took our advice about her hair); a wan-looking Julia Roberts; and, center, Johnny Depp, in the soon-to-be-hot Edwardian look with fiancee Winona Ryder.