Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, March 1991

March 1991


Rockin' Robert
Despite a string of flop films, Robert Downey, Jr.'s in a good mood. And why not? He's one of the most talented young actors around, and Hollywood knows it.

The Intellectual from Encino
Todd Haynes stirred up praise - and trouble - three years ago, with his smart, twisted film about Karen Carpenter. Now the young director from the Valley is tackling Genet. Is there a place for this guy in Hollywood?

Go With the Flo
Florence Henderson and Bobcat Goldthwait - together at last.


The Look: Cafe au L.A.
In search of Young Hollywood = seven actors, five coffeehouses, and many, many cups of java later . . .

Young Gums
Why have teeth when there's nothing to sink them into? A look at how seven of Hollywood's top young actors - Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, Laura Dern, Emily Lloyd, River Phoenix, and Christian Slater - have managed to make careers out of nearly relentless pap.

Premiere Photos: Dances With Wives
Hollywood turned out in force to honor the "Pioneer of the Year." No, it's not Kevin Costner

Who's Who in Young Hollywood
In the '60s classic Wild in the Streets, the kids of Los Angeles took over the government; in real life, they're bucking to run the movie business - a much better gig. Here's a look at Hollywood's top writers, directors, agents, producers, and actors who claim to be 30 and under.