Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, February 1991

February 1991


But Seriously Folks
He made it to the top as the king of the wild and crazy, but Steve Martin is neither. The innovative, introspective actor talks about the essence of his comedy, and a few of his favorite things: art, writing, and privacy.

Brando's Island
Once upon a time, Marlon Brando could get away from the demands of Hollywood by heading to his Tahitian island retreat. Our writer visited the acting legend there in 1978, and kept a diary of his ten eye-opening days in paradise.

After the Pom-Poms
As a director, Joe Ruben's tried everything once, from summer camp gross-out flicks to legal dramas. Now the one-time drive-in king waits for Julia Roberts and Sleeping With the Enemy to take him to new heights.

Miles from Home
In her New York apartment, Sylvia Miles plays her favorite role: docent at the museum of her life. But please don't ask her dumb questions.


Elvis is Dead
So we decided to talk to three people who aren't: James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Freddie Prinze. As you might imagine, they've got some stories to tell.

The Look: Suite Inspiration
Jennifer Connelly, all dressed up, far from home, and waiting for room service.

Animal Instincts
Anthony Hopkins sinks his teeth in . . . and more.