Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, January 1991

January 1991


Believe Me This
In her first interview since Batman, Kim-booster Kim Basinger explains what's wrong with Hollywood, and why she's building an entertainment empire in the great state of Georgia.

Nic at Noon
Elder statesman of outré filmmaking Nicolas Roeg talks about women, violence, and sex on screen, and women, violence, and sex in real life, where nothing is what it seems.

The Battle Cry of Aldo Ray
From facing down Bogart and the Duke to taking on the entire Screen Actors Guild, Aldo Ray fit a lot of skirmishes into one Hollywood career. The macho-hunk star of the '50s and '60s pulls no punches in describing his latest, and biggest, fight, and his hopes for a comeback.


All About Eves
Return with us now to those wonderful holiday photo sessions of yesteryear, when starlets and studio queens alike were compelled to don the latest evening gowns to ring in the New Year.

Who is that Lady?
Few people survive major stardom with dignity. Janet Leigh proves that you don't have to live on Sunset Boulevard.