Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1990

December 1990


Mandy Patinkin: Monday Near the Park with Mandy
Mandy Patinkin, the toast of Broadway, doesn't live like a movie star, and probably wouldn't even if he had the screen career he deserves.

Mark Peploe: Morocco without Sunglasses
There's no escape from the white light and the heat of the desert in Paul Bowles's mesmerizing novel The Sheltering Sky. Screenwriter Mark Peploe explains how he and director Bernardo Bertolucci brought this nihilistic classic to the screen.

Michelle Pfeiffer: Out of the Past
Michelle Pfeiffer has beome a superstar by magically mixing the sensibility of a modern woman and the glamour of a Golden Age Hollywood icon.

Penny Marshall: A Penny For Your Thoughts
Penny Marshall's career is a case study in "how to become an A-list director without really trying." She talks about her latest film, Awakenings, and lie in the Hollywood comedy maelstrom.


Bad Accents
A bad accent is the cinematic equivalent of a festering limburger cheese in the midst of a gourmet meal. So why have Brando, Nicholson, and others delivered so many of them to our table?

Pierce Brosnan: Roughing It
Pierce Brosnan's "Steele" bonds.