Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, October 1990

October 1990


Connie Stevens: A Cricket in the House
Connie Stevens's Beverly Hills mansion--renowned for glitzy all-night parties--is the ultimate symbol of her definitive Hollywood life.

Matthew Modine: The Long View
Matthew Modine hasn't yet hit the top but he works with directors who have. Here he talks about working with some of hte best, like Stanley Kubrick, Jonathan Demme, Alan Pakula, John Schlesinger, and other A-list helmers.

Melanie Griffith: Dark Side of the Moon
Melanie Griffith is enough to give bimbos a good name. Her story is a bootie-shaking message of hope--for anyone who dares to listen.


Air-American Premiere Photos
Celebrity shots from the premiere of the "stupidest movie of the summer".

Flatliners Premiere Photos
Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland, and more at this "feverish" premiere.

Hollywood Cooties
It's hardly surprising that this dreaded childhood plague is rampant in the playground of the stars. A look at who's got 'em, and how you get the nasty things in the first place.

My Favorite Scene

"Charade" -- Sid Avery
The camera may not lie, but it's been known to hide the truth. Sid Avery was one of the top photographers to the stars, in the days before our myths were shattered.

Steven Seagal: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Powerful
Steven Seagal fights the power.