Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1990

September 1990


Peter Bogdanovich: Fool For Love
One year they were hiring Peter Bogdanovich to direct pictures, the next they were hiring actors to play him in film versions of his life. Yes, his story's that weird.


Gabriel Byrne: School of Hard Knocks
Gabriel Byrne pulls no punches in Miller's Crossing.

The Look: Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker, dressed and ready for anything at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Treasured Chests
Breasts are back, and better than ever--they're Hollywood's favorite new fashion accessory.

The Look: Twin Peaks
The "Twin Peaks" kids trade in their lumber town duds for some real style. Donna, James, Leo, Bobby, and Laura Palmer as you've never seen them before.

Something Really Wild
David Lynch's long awaited follow up to Blue Velvet is the ultimate road movie: a journey through romantic heaven and hell. Lynch, Laura Dern, and Nicholas Cage talk about the mysteries of love, moviemaking, and Wild At Heart.

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