Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, August 1990

August 1990


Guns 'n' Neuroses
Charlie Sheen is the real bad boy of Hollywood, and he's got the rap sheet to prove it. Here Sheen reveals the thin line between a life of crime and superstardom.

Nipped in the Bud
Eight actresses, groomed for success. Eight potentially stellar careers, stalled on the launch pad or soon after.

The Man Who Did Not Love Women
Dial M for Masochist - our writer locked himself up with every Alfred Hitchcock film available on video, and figured out just what made this auteur sadist tick.


The Look: Blue Notes
Joie Lee, star of Mo' Better Blues, dresses up, dreaming of New York Nights.

20 Questions with Drew Barrymore
Spoiled, Pudgy, addicted and wild used to be the perception of actress Drew Barrymore - that is, until The Hollywood Kids met her and found her slim, radiant, cleaned up and trying hard to move on with her life.

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