The Look: Kelly Preston

Summer Slink

Kelly Preston comes from the land of eternal summer, Hawaii, and she was born summer-sultry. So when she eyes the early summer cloudbank along the Southern California coastline and announces, "I'm ready for a change in climate," she may just be longing for the tropics.

But then again, she could be talking about life in general--she's in the midst of "moving box hell" in the Santa Monica home she retreated to after splitting up with Charlie Sheen ("We're still friends despite all the bullshit in the press"). Or, she just might be talking about her career. "Twins was fun," she says of the mega-hit she starred in opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, "But I've turned down a lot of roles since then. I've been trying to get away from being the showpiece."

A few months back Preston played "A shallow bitch" who marries for money in a segment or "Tale From the Crypt" directed by Schwarzenegger ("He was a little nervous at first, but he was very prepared"). But she thinks she's successfully changed her course with The Perfect Bride, due out later this year, in which she plays a "somewhat introverted" girl who's convinced that her brother's financee (Sammi Davis) is a man-hating murderer. And following that, she stars as a casino card dealer who comes to Patrick Dempsey's aid in Touchstone's suspense thriller Run.