Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, June 1990

June 1990


Dick Does Tinseltown
Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy: a twisted tale of intrigue, beautiful dolls, big guns, and broken promises - all this before filming even started.

20/20 Vision
Today's studio execs don't believe it, but the heart of any great film is still the script. Twenty of Hollywood's top writers talk about the screenplays they love.

The Reluctant Screenwriter
He wrote North by Northwest and West Side Story, among others, but Ernest Lehman has refused all screenwriting offers for over a decade. What happened to the man who could hold his own with Hitchcock?

Dancing on the Edge
Has Sean Young slipped over the edge? Or is she just the victim of Hollywood's raunchiest leading men? You decide.


Whatever Happened Too...
These four actors were all once-promising talents who, in coming months, have new movies coming out. But we're wondering - can it possibly make a difference?

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