Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, December 1989

December 1989


Meg o' the Wild
Meg Tilly's profile will rise with Valmont and The Two Jakes - but you'll still have to trek into the backwoods to find her

Meet the "Real" Crispin Glover
The actor says he's turned over a new, more normal leaf - though some traces of the strange, dark past do remain. . .

Cut to the Chase
Chevy Chase is rich, insecure, and looking for great parts and good press - but he'll settle for good parts and great press

It's Better with the Lights On
Still on her feet in a town full of casting couches, actress Sharon Stone describes life after Helena's


Audrey Hepburn Eternal
"I promise you I'm far from perfect . . . I can even swear in Italian!"

River of Dreams
"I might decide to give up all material possessions. . . just move out to the jungle someplace and live like an ape-man for a while"

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