The Look: Kevin Dillon

He looks mean in Armani. He looks mean in jeans. Face it, Kevin Dillon looks mean in anything if you've seen his fist-clenching performance as the deranged "Bunny" in Platoon.

He's also played tough guys in movies like The Rescue and Heaven Help Us, and he's a belligerent, if endearing, Indian in War Party. But in Columbia's Immediate Family, a tearjerker about adoption starring Glenn Close and James Woods, cinema's resident baby-faced bully gets to play sensitive. "Finally, a movie that doesn't have me wearing a leather jacket", says Dillon wryly. "I actually play a guy who loves his girlfriend!" His biggest kick, though, was working with " Glenn and Jimmy-they've got a lot of style". Dillon's own style is your basic blue-collar bravado. He powers a Harley, shoots pool in the basement of his new Manhattan suburbs home, and slam-dunks with his old high school buddies. There is some sensitivity in his swagger. He takes his regular girl into town to dance ("I'm a real sweatball after two songs") and shoo-wops in the shower. "I sing Clancy Brothers tunes," says the blue-eyed kid from Mamaroneck, New York. "I gotta lot of Black Irish in me." Not quite the noble savage, Dillon, 24, confesses to dressing up now and then. "I think I look pretty decent in a tux," he says in his husky, self-assured voice. "But I'm too lazy to shop. I'm kind of a jeans T-shirt guy."