Virtual Newsstand: Movieline, September 1989

September 1989


Joan Chen: Sharks and Orchards
Joan Chen thinks being trendy is a waste of energy.

Jane Fonda: On Golden Fonda
A cultural and political chameleon.

Christopher Guest: Showbiz Interview From Hell
Guest talks leg hair and marriage in a wild ride around the City of Angels.

Andie MacDowell: Sex, Truth, and Film
The model-turned-actress finds it hard to be friends with her fellow thespians.


The Ten Percent Solution
The walk, the talk, and the dress of the talent agent explained.

Come Again
A look ahead (or back) at comeback roles both successful and...not-so-much...from the early '90s.

The Culture of Reincarnation: Sequels, Comebacks, and Remakes
Perhaps this can explain those three Exorcist sequels. Nope, nevermind.

My Favorite Scene

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