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WATCH: Shot-For-Shot 'Iron Man 3' Parody Kicks Shiny Metal Ass

WATCH: Shot-For-Shot 'Iron Man 3' Parody Kicks Shiny Metal Ass

From Thailand, by way of the website Kotaku, comes this Sweded shot-for-shot remake of the Iron Man 3 trailer that , frankly would have made Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind a better movie. My favorite scenes are the one in which the Tony Stark stand-in gets a toilet plunger for an oxygen mask in the operating room,  the falling Air Force One flight attendants and the shots of Stark's iron army assembling in the night sky. more »

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WATCH: Lady Gaga Meets Jack Skellington in The Nightmare Before Gagaween

The pop culture parodists at The Hillywood Show bring it with the Halloween movie-music mash-up of the season. Put your paws up and watch as they envision The Nightmare Before Christmas, only with Lady Gaga in place of Jack Skellington. The Monster Queen of Halloweentown! Somehow it's not much of a stretch. Bonus: It'll give you a plethora of Gaga Halloween costume ideas (sans the meat dress, which might be a bit tricky to pull off). More in your Thursday Buzz Break!

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