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Watch: The 'Storage 24' Red Band Trailer Is Rated-G For Gory

Watch: The 'Storage 24' Red Band Trailer Is Rated-G For Gory

I have a fantasy that we will one day live in a world in which films that are obviously dripping with influences will no longer need to have titles. They'll just be called "Earthquake meets When Harry Met Sally," or "The Godfather, but in space," and filmgoers will be able to make split second decisions about seeing it without having to be advertised to.

For instance, the upcoming British sci/fi horror film Storage 24. Directed by Johannes Roberts and co-written by/starring Noel Clarke of Doctor Who fame, it has a couple who've just broken up meeting at a shared storage unit to divide their possessions. The meet ends in science fictional tragedy when a top secret British cargo plane crashes in London and its cargo, a scary-ass alien monster, escapes. The monster finds its way to the storage facility in question where, so we assume, everyone inside is picked off one by one because that's how extraterrestrial serial killers roll.

The new red band trailer has just premiered, and while it does indeed suggest that Storage 24 is awesome, they could have done much more to guarantee my ass in the seat by simply calling it Die Hard + Alien + Storage Wars and forsaken the trailer altogether. See for yourself:

Storage 24 is currently available on VOD, and hits theaters January 11.

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