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Ice-T on Doc Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap: It's 'My Way of Giving Back to Hip-Hop'

Ice-T, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap documentary (Getty Images)

[A version of this interview originally ran as part of Movieline's coverage of Sundance 2012.] It says something about how far Ice-T has come since his gangsta rap days that his directorial debut, the hip-hop documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, premiered in January at Sundance to a house packed with hip-hop heads and white older moviegoers who likely know Ice better from Law & Order: SVU than “New Jack Hustler.” And it says something about the film itself, which explores the historical landscape of hip-hop in intimate detail with over 40 of Ice-T’s fellow rappers, that even the L&O-watching grandmas in the audience were bopping their heads the whole way through.
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Sundance 2012 Pick-Ups Headed to a Theater Near You

Sundance 2012 Deals - Safety Not Guaranteed, Arbitrage, Compliance

Park City did indeed turn out to be a robust marketplace this year, with buyers snapping up over two dozen features and docs out of Sundance 2012. Ranging from genre pleasers to indie charmers to potential future Oscar picks and beyond – and veering from critical fest duds to overwhelming crowd favorites – the class of Sundance ’12 is an intriguingly mixed-but-mostly-promising bag of films that will be dotting the cinematic landscape in the year or so to come. Here’s an updated comprehensive look at what sold and which films you should be looking forward to.
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