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In Honor of Lisbeth Salander, 9 Other Movie Heroines Not to F*** With

9 Movie Heroines Not to Screw With

If Rooney Mara's fearless turn as Stieg Larsson's goth-punk hacker heroine Lisbeth Salander teaches us anything, it's that you should never, ever cross a woman with fire in her heart and vengeance on her mind. But the titular Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is just the latest in a long history of utterly human movie heroines who remind us how ferocious and unrelenting a woman wronged can be. Celebrate the fictional ladies who have helped teach society not to fuck with the so-called "fairer" sex, and let their righteous fury be a lesson to us all during this warm and fuzzy holiday season.

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Terminator Twitter Account Mistakenly Looking for 'Sarah Conner'

Looks like the Terminator has taken his dogged search for the mother of the future savior of mankind to the Twitterverse, where he's going through every Sarah on Twitter, one by one. (That is, when he's not telling the T-1000 to suck it in binary.) There's just one problem: The social media-savvy T-800 is looking for "Sarah Conner," not Sarah Connor. Oops! Proof he'll become obsolete soon enough? [@111001001101010]