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Linda Cardellini on Return, the Emotional Toll of War, and the Legacy of Freaks and Geeks

Linda Cardellini, Getty Images

Sometime after getting her start on NBC’s short-lived but well-loved cult series Freaks and Geeks, starring in two live-action studio Scooby-Doo movies, appearing for six seasons on ER, and turning in various screen performances (including a role as Ennis del Mar’s waitress fling in Brokeback Mountain), Linda Cardellini took a break to reassess her career. “I wanted to step back and reevaluate myself as an actress and find out what I was capable of,” she told Movieline, describing her turn as a shell-shocked female soldier readjusting to life at home in this week’s Return, “and this was sort of the perfect role for that.”
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