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On Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Celebrity Parenting, and Making Mistakes: The Tao of Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon (Getty Images)

Susan Sarandon is a woman at her wit’s end in Jay and Mark Duplass’ comedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home; stuck in mind-numbing office job and still dealing with the problems of her two grown but immature sons – Jeff (Jason Segal), an unemployed pothead, and Pat (Ed Helms), a douchey sales rep – her Sharon spends her days daydreaming about the life she once wanted for herself. As Sarandon confessed in a chat with Movieline, there was plenty in Jeff she related to as a single working mother in an often unforgiving industry – but, as she’s discovered, there’s always “a new dawn, a new day.”
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Newbie Blogger Katherine Heigl Gets Real About Juggling Career and Motherhood

Look out world, Katherine Heigl is blogging! At least she's realistic about the years of counseling her daughter will probably require after growing up with famous parents: "Now when I take a job, I look my daughter in the eye, screw up my courage and try to explain to her that Mommy has to go to work. And when she looks back at me and says, “But why?,” I tell her the truth: that work makes me a better person, a better woman, a better mother. Then I pray to God that she will understand one day and that my example will encourage her to find and follow her bliss as well … after I’ve paid for all the therapy, of course." [iVillage]