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Curator of Kristen Stewart-Themed Art Show Has Best Reason Ever For Throwing Kristen Stewart-Themed Art Show

MUCHOS KSTEW via Meltdown Comics

"It sounds creepy, but basically I just enjoy looking at her face, and think about it a lot. Even when she was a child actor in Panic Room, she just always appears very, very tired. She looks like she has an old soul. There's something about her presence on camera and how she carries herself. She's very intriguing. A lot of times, it looks like she hasn't slept for two days and it's exciting to think about: 'What were you doing? Why were you awake so long? What were you thinking about?'" Julia Vickerman's MUCHOS KSTEW, comprised entirely of artwork inspired by Twilight's Kristen Stewart, runs through April 20 at L.A.'s Meltdown Comics. [Next Movie]