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Red Dawn Remake Finally Sets Release Date

That poor Red Dawn remake just has not been able to catch a break, what with the MGM bankruptcy that stalled its initial release, the hubbub over digitally changing its baddies from Chinese to North Koreans, and the uncertainty in the air as it sat, waiting, for a new slot on the release calendar. But! It's finally set to see the light of day November 2, 2012 -- nearly three years after it was filmed -- giving stars Josh Hutcherson, Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas, and Adrienne Palicki more time to get even famous-er. [Coming Soon]

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Is Immortals Helmer Tarsem the Honey Badger of Directors? A Movieline Investigation

New theory: Immortals director Tarsem Singh (excuse us, visionary director Tarsem) is the honey badger of film directors. In an unprecedented move Saturday in San Francisco, the filmmaker behind such films as The Cell and The Fall stole the hearts and minds of WonderCon attendees away from Cowboys & Aliens helmer Jon Favreau -- and mind you, Favreau is so popular that he has his own entrance music ("Back in Black," natch). So how did visionary director Tarsem bring the house down during the panel for The Immortals, a 300-styled movie he described as "Caravaggio meets Fight Club?" Hit the jump for highlights from TarsemCon.

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