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Robert Pattinson Joins Queen of the Desert; Dermot Mulroney Boards August: Osage County: Biz Break

Robert Pattinson Joins Queen of the Desert; Dermot Mulroney Boards August: Osage County: Biz Break

Also in Tuesday afternoon's round-up of news briefs, awards season is coming - so soon! The Film Independent Spirit Awards set its February date and is now accepting submissions in its various categories. The Academy is teaming up with the Pickford Foundation to honor the Silents. And remembering Welcome Back, Kotter's Ron Palillo.
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Liam Neeson and Co. on The Grey: A Welcome Return to Masculine Cinema?

Cast of The Grey (photo: Getty Images)

Critics will argue over whether or not Joe Carnahan’s latest, The Grey (currently holding at 76 percent at Rotten Tomatoes), succeeds as the latest nature-as-killer yarn to hit the action genre, but it’s worth taking a closer look at what Joe Carnahan is attempting beyond the survivalist thrills and chills. In the age of the metrosexual, and in an industry inundated with juvenile comedies and mind-numbing blockbusters, what does this Liam Neeson vs. the wolves pics have to say about modern masculinity?
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Dermot Mulroney on Joe Carnahan and the ‘Sweet Relief’ of Being in a Manly Movie like The Grey

Dermot Mulroney on The Grey (photo: Getty Images)

Joe Carnahan’s thriller The Grey, currently receiving kudos for its blend of red-blooded action and considered existentialism, tells the fictional tale of a group of oilrig workers who survive a plane crash only to be hunted by wolves in the wild. Among the ragtag band of comrades facing off against nature under Liam Neeson’s steady leadership is Dermot Mulroney’s Talget, who, like the others, learns to shed his protective layers and confront his own fears when forced to face off directly with Mother Nature.
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Liam Neeson Is a Badass Wilderness Hero in New Trailer For The Grey

Last time we saw Liam Neeson in a trailer for the upcoming survival drama The Grey, he was preparing to battle a few angry wolves. In the new kickass preview for Joe Carnahan's wilderness adventure, Neeson is not only preparing to wage a full-scale attack on all of the wolves that stand between him and civilization, but he heroically maintains the morale among a group of fellow stranded plane crash survivors on their long walk home.

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