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Tom Hardy's Pudding, Chinese Food For Thought and Other Wisdom From the This Means War Team

Junket Diaries - This Means War, Reese Witherspoon, Tom Hardy, McG (photo: Getty Images)

It started with the pudding. Oh, not just any pudding: A perfect pool of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-hazelnut goodness -- a confection so rich, so irresistible, that even Tom Hardy found himself drawn like a moth to a flame to the dessert table before the press conference for This Means War the other week in Beverly Hills. He grabbed a saucer and ambled over to a pack of bewildered journalists, offering an ebullient bon mot about The Woman in Black. “I’d have eaten through Daniel Radcliffe to get that part!” he raved, or so the story goes, before setting down his dish and disappearing once more into the back hallways of the Four Seasons.
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SLIDESHOW: A Taxonomy of Girls Ganging Up in the Movies

As director Zack Snyder demonstrates in this week's Sucker Punch, there are few filmic thrills as satisfying as watching women band together to turn gender assumptions upside down. But Emily Browning's Babydoll wasn't the first to grab a weapon and lead her lady friends into the fray; plenty of women have cleared the path for the Sucker Punch gang where sisterly solidarity is concerned, even if some of them used sex appeal or caustic wit instead of samurai swords or machine guns to deal death blows to the enemy. Join Movieline in revisiting the varied history of sisterhood in cinema as we catalogue over a dozen case studies of fierce femmes fatale doing it for themselves on film.

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