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Soul Surfer's AnnaSophia Robb Is Your New Carrie Bradshaw

Soul Surfer's AnnaSophia Robb Is Your New Carrie Bradshaw

This just in: The makers of the forthcoming CW spin-off series The Carrie Diaries (a prequel to Candace Bushnell's franchise-launching Sex and the City novel) have found their new Carrie Bradshaw in Soul Surfer/Race to Witch Mountain/Bridge to Terabithia star AnnaSophia Robb. The series "chronicles Carrie’s coming of age in the 1980s when she asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while exploring the worlds of high school and Manhattan." So it's basically Gossip Girl with a Carrie Bradshaw who looks nothing like the future Carrie Bradshaw. Oh, fine. Why not? [Deadline]

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A Guide to Exactly How Sarah Jessica Parker Does It in Every Chick Flick

In this week's new chick flick I Don't Know How She Does It, Sarah Jessica Parker -- she who had sex in the city, a bastion of modern female fabulosity and our generation's go-to, couture-sheathed screen heroine in heels -- attempts to solve the plight of the 21st century woman once more as Kate Reddy, a wife, mother of two, and financial analyst for a high-powered investment firm trying desperately to juggle "it all." How many times do co-workers and colleagues ask her how she "does it?" A lot. That's how much she's doing. But it's not the first time SJP's put her plucky feminine know-how to use in the movies to solve the routine problems of the modern woman.

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