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Brie Larson's Criterion List Is Pretty Fantastic

Brie Larson Criterion

Actress/musician Brie Larson — AKA Scott Pilgrim's Envy Adams, of 21 Jump Street and United States of Tara fame — is also a Criterion Collection fangirl, and given her terrific recent round of the cineaste label's Top 10, she's probably got a better-stocked DVD catalogue than you. Consider Red Desert: "Antonioni’s first color film. I felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time. An incredible palette and commitment to tone. He actually painted trees whites and grays! I have always wanted to talk technicalities with someone about this film. The fog? How did he do the fog?!" And, on Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage: "This was the most invested in any relationship I had ever been — including my own." Read Larson's full Top 10 and share in my newfound nerdy girlcrush. [Criterion]

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REVIEW: Woody Harrelson's Menace Yields Diminishing Returns in Rampart

REVIEW: Woody Harrelson's Menace Yields Diminishing Returns in Rampart

The last few months have provided us with some iconic imagery of police violence in response to the Occupy Wall Street movement -- Lt. John Pike casually pepper spraying a group of UC Davis students like he's Febrezing a sofa, 84-year-old Dorli Rainey being helped away from a confrontation in Seattle after being doused herself, Marine Scott Olsen getting carried out through a haze of tear gas in Oakland with a fractured skull. These recent events lend Oren Moverman's Rampart a queasy immediacy even though it's set in the '90s, as the LAPD's Rampart Division struggles through the notorious police misconduct scandal that ended up implicating dozens of officers and inspired the likes of Training Day and The Shield.

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