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Brie Larson's Criterion List Is Pretty Fantastic

Brie Larson Criterion

Actress/musician Brie Larson — AKA Scott Pilgrim's Envy Adams, of 21 Jump Street and United States of Tara fame — is also a Criterion Collection fangirl, and given her terrific recent round of the cineaste label's Top 10, she's probably got a better-stocked DVD catalogue than you. Consider Red Desert: "Antonioni’s first color film. I felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time. An incredible palette and commitment to tone. He actually painted trees whites and grays! I have always wanted to talk technicalities with someone about this film. The fog? How did he do the fog?!" And, on Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage: "This was the most invested in any relationship I had ever been — including my own." Read Larson's full Top 10 and share in my newfound nerdy girlcrush. [Criterion]