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Liz-aster! 5 Critics Damn Lindsay Lohan's performance in 'Liz & Dick' − With Faint Praise And Sheer Scorn

Lindsay Lohan does not read reviews of her performances, according to TMZ, which is a smart move when it comes to her much-publicized turn as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie, Liz & DickThe picture, which chronicles Taylor's tempestuous love affair with Richard Burton, doesn't air until Nov. 25, and already critics are carving into Lohan like she's a Thanksgiving turkey. more »

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Miscast Roles: The Case For Mark Ruffalo in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

You know this movie, and chances are that you loved this movie -- except for that one role that almost ruined it all. Miscast Roles is where Movieline and its readers swap out those roles to make it right.

One of last year’s surprise critical and commercial darlings, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, wowed audiences, stoked many an awards-season debate and revitalized an important science fiction franchise — all while still managing to appeal to moviegoers unfamiliar with the original 1968 film (or that film's 1963 source novel). As chief chimp Caesar, Andy Serkis’s performative collaboration with the motion capture geniuses from WETA was a great spectacle, presenting viewers with a gorgeously rendered CGI-animated character.
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