'Deus Ex'-cellent − 5 Reasons To Be Thankful 'Human Revolution' Is Coming To The Big Screen

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie

4. Fixing A Flaw

It’s not often an adaptation movie gets to fix a flaw in the original game:  Human Revolution's mandatory boss fights. Big boss battles are a video-game essential, but in Human Revolution they were annoying bottlenecks. Every level has multiple paths and solutions. You can sneak through ventilation ducts, hack security systems, non-lethally subdue assailants, or just charge through the building like a robotic Rambo throwing vending machines at (and through) everyone you don’t like. But whether you specialized in stealth, security, or strength, you were eventually locked in a room with a grenade launcher. Which made all that stealth look a bit silly. In the movie, however, these big battles will make ideal, pulse-quickening scenes.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie

5. Automatic Sequels

Human Revolution is actually a prequel, set 25 years before the original Deus Ex video game and its follow-up Invisible War.  If Human Revolution is even a quarter as good as it could be, we’ll be set for a glorious gaming movie trilogy over 10 years in the making.  The movie poster is already made.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie

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  • SD says:

    I am worried that this list is a list of things that will be ignored for the sake of making a dumbed down movie. I would love this to be great and I would love a great cyberpunk movie but after Doom, SIlent Hill, (and nearly) Uncharted I am instantly wary of game adaptations.

    Also, it may be accidental but you have included a late story spoiler/reveal in your synopsis. I will not say what though to avoid drawing attention to it for anyone else.

  • Víctor says:

    Vote to Jim Caviezel for Adam Jensen role... if he gets in, one thing less to worry about