In Honor of 7-Eleven's Birthday, A Brief History of Convenience Stores in Movies

Grosse Pointe Blank (1997)

While home for his 10-year high school reunion, Martin Q. Blank (John Cusack) realizes that his childhood home was razed and replaced by an Ultimart in George Armitage's black comedy Grosse Pointe Blank. "You can never go home again, Oatman," Blank tells his therapist's voicemail. "But I guess you can shop there."

Ghost World (2001)

Will Smith, Sean Penn and John Cusack aren't the only A-listers to stop by a mini-mart onscreen. Scarlett Johansson loiters at the Sidewinder (with Thora Birch) to annoy an unhappy clerk (Brad Renfro) in Terry Zwigoff's Ghost World.

Superbad (2007)

A convenience store was also used for a frank, pre-first period discussion about "dick-taking ability" in Greg Mottola's Superbad before long-time best friends (Michael Cera and Jonah Hill) were the victims of cruel loogie attack outside.

Juno (2007)

Here lies the only Academy Award-winning convenience store scene on this list. From Diablo Cody's Oscar-decorated script, this is also the only mini-mart clip to seamlessly integrate sage advice from a cosmetics aisle pickpocket and life-changing pregnancy test results.

Surely, there are more convenience store scenes than this though. Movieline would love to know about your favorite in the comments.

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