Noel Fisher On Battle: Los Angeles and Going Vampire for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn


Fair enough. What's Bill Condon like to work with, and how do his sensibilities as a director mesh with the material?

I think it's a perfect fit. Bill Condon is obviously just an amazingly talented director and working with him has really been... I don't want to be tacky, but it is very much an awe-inspiring experience. He's got this massive cast and he is so energized and so loving what he's doing. He will take time; if you don't have a single line in the scene, he is so happy to take time and talk with you about where your character's at and what's going on. He's really happy to be doing what he's doing, and that's one of the greatest things. I think that's the mark of a good director, in a lot of ways. It was the same with Jonathan Liebesman on Battle: Los Angeles. He's just a big kid, but the movie is very much like a bunch of kids getting to play. It's a bunch of guys running around in Marines costumes with rifles and stuff, and it's like the games you played as a 12-year-old boy but with way, way better props.

You've been acting for a while and have many credits under your belt in television and film, but there's one in particular I have to ask about. What do you recall of your episode guest-starring on Two and a Half Men?

[Laughs] Yes, with Megan Fox! That was a long time ago. You know, I had nothing but a good experience on that.

Was there any indication back then of the type of behavior that led to Charlie Sheen's eventu
meltdown [known around Movieline HQ as Sheenpocalypse]?

Everyone on the set was really gracious and really friendly with me. Jon Cryer was so wonderful and so was Charlie. Everyone was just really friendly. So that was a positive experience -- and it was the only sitcom I've ever done.

You're 26 years old, but you have this ability to play teenage characters. Does that give you more freedom to pursue a wider range of roles, or do you find that it limits you in ways?

I do very much have a baby face. I've been very fortunate with the projects that I've gotten to work on. I've played very young roles, and right now I'm playing a 3,000+ year-old vampire. So there's a nice big range of things. That's one of the main things I enjoy about acting. I'm not forcing anything; I think other roles will come as they come. I'm just trying to enjoy the parts I get to do now, and the other ones I'll enjoy then. That's part of the beauty of growing older, and I'm looking forward to that. The main thing for me is that I just want to play in parts that I'm really excited about. I'm also doing a recurring role on Shameless, and he is a completely different, crazy character who's also different from Lenihan in Battle: Los Angeles, who is also so different from Vladimir in Twilight. That's one of my favorite things about my job. I get to explore as many parts of the human condition as I possibly can.

To that point, I saw you a few years back in a segment in the indie film After Sex, in which you play a young man struggling to come to terms with his feelings for another man.

Oh, yes! That was one of the first jobs I ever booked in Los Angeles. That was great.

There were a lot of intense emotions to play in that one short segment.

Yes, and that's thanks to some really beautiful writing from the writer-director. That was fantastic. It was a good welcome to Los Angeles.

How long have you been in Los Angeles?

I've been here on and off for six years or so. I did my first move in 2002, the year I graduated high school. Maybe 2003. I came back and forth for a couple of years, between Los Angeles and Vancouver, and then I kind of made it more permanent when I booked the pilot of The Riches. That was kind of the beginning of specific roots in Los Angeles. So, since The Riches. That's when I really got to stay.

And what are you looking forward to after you finish filming Breaking Dawn?

I just heard that Shameless got picked up for a second season, so hopefully I'll get to come back and play with them again. I actually moved down to Los Angeles with Justin Chatwin, who's one of the leads on that, so it's really fun to go to work with my old roommate! Small world. Very small world. We lived together for two or three years. He's one of my best friends, and I get to work with him.

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