SNL Scorecard: Did Jim Carrey Save a Lackluster Show?

The Bad

"Jim Carrey Monologue" (Carrey): Something just seemed off. The gist of the monologue was that the apocalypse was upon us and soon the rivers would be running red with blood. I don't know, it was fine, but personally I had read too many stories yesterday that involved blood. Again, the theme of the night seemed to be that Jim Carrey had a bad 2010. I think a lot of us would have liked to have his 2010. Also of note, the "Bosley Hair Restoration" commercial ran for a third time (!) this season immediately following the monologue. It won't be a part of the scorecard.

Score: 5.5

"A Taste of New York" (Carrey, Armisen, Wiig): A group of tourists who think they are going to hear a band play standards like "New York, New York" instead get an original song about life living in the East Village between Avenue B and Avenue C. I found myself waiting for a payoff that never really came.

Score: 5.5

"Finding Your Power" (Sudeikis, Samberg, Bayer, Carrey): This is one of those sketches that sound hilarious around the writer's table and, once it's performed, doesn't work quite as well as it was envisioned. It is a funny premise -- and it had a couple of funny moments -- but, for some reason, it's not a funny sketch.

Score: 5.5

"Grady Wilson's Tantric N' Tasty" (Thompson, Carrey): I thought this sketch was fairly amusing the first time I saw it. Now that it's a recurring sketch, the one note joke has been beaten into the ground. At least Carrey looked as if he was having fun.

Score: 5.0

"Weekend Update" (Meyers, Samberg, Killam, Moynihan, Hader, Wiig ): Look, I know that when a news story breaks only a few hours before airtime it's next to impossible to rewrite the entire "Update" portion, but, man, that was awkward. Considering the current crises in the U.S. House of Representatives, the multiple House jokes -- including a bit featuring Hader and Wiig as John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi - fell flat. Which is a shame considering that Hader's Boehner was stellar. Also, if Stefon can't be a part of "Update," I'll take Anthony Crispino as a consolation prize (or Nicholas Fehn!). But, yes, this is an example of how "Update" can fail. It's a comedy news sketch, but when you have to (understandably) ignore the biggest news story of the day, it casts an awkward light on the entire sketch. Especially when the attitude is taken: Let's proceed with our political jokes as normal, but we can't mention that. Also, "aflockalypse," really?

Score: 4.0

The Ugly

"Bloomberg Cold Open" (Armisen): What? Was this written two weeks ago? Because of the blizzard controversy, did they feel they just had to do a sketch on it no matter how dated it felt. I mean, the sketch consists of Bloomberg still describing a city still plagued by snow. I live in New York City; let me walk over to my window (hold on)... Nope, no snow whatsoever on the ground.

Score: 2.0

Average Score For This Show: 5.80

Weekly Host Scorecard:

· Jeff Bridges 6.21

· Amy Poehler 6.04

· Anne Hathaway 6.00

· Emma Stone 5.88

· Jon Hamm 5.86

· Paul Rudd 5.83

· Robert De Niro 5.83

· Jim Carrey 5.80

· Bryan Cranston 5.79

· Jane Lynch 5.31

· Scarlett Johansson 4.69

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  • Sammy says:

    SNL will Never Die!

  • jp says:

    I have to disagree, the Anne Hathaway's hosted SNL episode is still the best .

  • Scraps says:

    It was a good Thicke, but that was a useless sketch.

  • Kristen says:

    I was really impressed with Killam's ability to hold his own physically against Jim Carrey in the "Amusement Park Ride" sketch.

  • Christopher Rosen says:

    I can't wait to see where Killam winds up in the NRFPTP Relevancy Poll -- that amusement park sketch should place him top-5 minimum. A great showing of skill...

  • Me says:

    Well I think the Soul Train one was funnier because of Jim Carrey said Titay and the Ocean Billy one too " I SAID GET IN THE TRUNK!!!". Hey, my opinion!