Eva Mendes: 'A Close-Up is So Overrated'

I know you're friends with Har Mar Superstar, and he's writing this comedy with Ellen Page for HBO that's set in Silver Lake and Echo Park. That's where you grew up! He kind of has to write you a cameo, doesn't he?

You know, I haven't talked to Sean about that! I was in his video, but oh my God, I didn't know he was writing that.

Yeah, it's set in the eastside hipster scene.

Love it. I'm gonna call him right after I talk to you. [Laughs]

Did you see firsthand how that area transformed into a hipster haven?

Oh, definitely. Like, every time I tell someone where I'm from -- "I'm actually from Silver Lake" -- they're like, "What? That's so cool!" And I'm like, "No, twenty-five years ago, it was not." I mean, where I grew up was fine, it wasn't like "the streets" or anything, but it's been gentrified. I live about two minutes from where I grew up, and I love the area. I'm bombarded with memories every day.

You also have Last Night coming up, where you're acting opposite Sam Worthington. So far, we know him mainly as this action hero -- and in fact, most of his action movies haven't even come out yet. What can you tell me about him?

Sam is one of the most exciting leading men I've worked with in a long time as far as someone who's new and fresh and such a committed actor. I loved his work ethic and I loved what he brought to the table. He's just my kind of actor: He's very, very intense and about the craft, and everything is about, "How can we make this better?" I love that. In that film I worked opposite Keira Knightley as well, and I just can't say enough amazing things about her.

What was it about Keira that impressed you?

Keira's just an old soul. She's a beautiful young woman, obviously, but she's got this insane sophistication about her. Again, she's committed to her craft, and I respond to people who take their craft seriously and are really in it for the right reasons. She certainly is. I find her not only inspiring as an actor, because she makes amazing choices, but also inspiring as a person. She's a young lady in a really ugly industry, and I think she's handled everything with such grace. You can tell we got along really well.

You sound really excited about Last Night.

The subject matter of that movie is really interesting because we're dealing with betrayal, cheating, infidelity. What is it, and is it emotional, is it physical, and which is more harmful? It leaves you with so many provocative questions. I'm really happy that I have Bad Lieutenant out and Last Night coming out next year because I feel like these two films really provoke thought, and that's what I love to do more than anything. I love the idea of two people walking outside the theater to get coffee and having a conversation about what they just saw.

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