9 College Courses Based On Popular TV Shows


3. Management Lessons from The Apprentice

Institution: University of Washington in Seattle

Department: Business Management

Course Description: Using situations from The Apprentice as case studies, the class will discuss basic business concepts that range from first impressions to the delicate nature of work friendships to sex appeal in the office and the art of negotiation. In some cases, students will replicate exercises practiced by Apprentice contestants and attend teleconference lectures by Donald Trump's executive vice president, George Ross.


2. Muppet Magic: Jim Henson's Art

Institution: U.C. Santa Cruz

Department: Theater Arts

Course Description: The artistic and social impact of the Muppets on American puppetry, children's television, and Hollywood film is explored through viewings, guest lectures, and analysis. Henson's legacy in artistic innovation, mainstreaming of puppet theater for adult audiences, and establishment of puppetry in media and marketing are also explored.


1. Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular 'Logic' on TV Judge Shows

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Department: Rhetoric

Course Description: Students in this freshman seminar will evaluate frequent illogical arguments made on popular TV judge shows and learn to identify popular logical fallacies. Example: "When asked 'Did you hit the plaintiff?' respondents often say, 'If I woulda hit him, he'd be dead!' This reply avoids answering 'yes' or 'no' by presenting a perverted form of the logical strategy called 'a fortiori' argument ['from the stronger'] in Latin."

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