Dana Delany: Dana-matrix

Q: Is Exit to Eden an equal-opportunity film as far as nudity is concerned?

A: No frontal nudity on Paul, no. I mean, I saw it, but you won't see it in the movie.

Q: Was he ever worried about getting aroused during your love scenes?

A: I think he was nervous that he would, and I told him I'd be insulted if he didn't. A lot of actors are really uncomfortable with their bodies and when you get to sex scenes, they try too hard because they want to be macho. Because Paul's a dancer, he's not concerned about nudity and that stuff.

Q: When I was working as a dancer, everyone changed in front of everyone and nobody cared.

A: I'm like that because of theater. I did Equus in the nude. That was my first taste of how liberating it could be. The town, however, was shocked. I was like the whore of Augusta, Michigan.

Q: Did you ever have to go in and loop dialogue because the leather made too much noise?

A: That wasn't a problem because in my one great leather outfit, there was nothing on my legs. One scene I did have to loop was a bubble bath scene because the bubbles kept popping and were too noisy.

Q: What were they made of, latex?

A: Mr. Bubble's. It is the worst shit. It's like putting borax on your body.

Q: Speaking of Mr. Bubble's, can we expect any product placement in Exit to Eden? Acme whips? Hartz dog collars?

A: Paul is Mr. Advertisement in Australia. He sells Cooper's beer and Bond's underwear and clothes, so he wore Bond's and drank Cooper's in the movie.

Q: Did the makeup people have to put welts on everyone?

A: No, but I left a few marks on Paul. He was very nice about it, I have to say.

Q: What was the atmosphere like on the set? Was there sex in the air?

A: Because the movie's so sexual, the crew was so jaded after a couple of days of bare tits, nobody even looked anymore. They got sick of it.

Q: What are your costumes like?

A: Great, lots of cleavage, high thong-type things, and heels. It's the first time I wanted my wardrobe. I took all of them. I've got Halloween costumes for years to come. I have a wonderful little lace bell-bottom number that I wore to the wrap party.

Q: What was the wrap party like?

A: For all of Garry's movies he does a gag reel, which is almost as important to him as the movie. The through line of the gag reel was, "Is that the girl from 'China Beach'?"

Q: You've said that playing McMurphy on "China Beach" made you a more compassionate person. How has playing Lisa in Exit to Eden changed you?

A: A couple of things happened. One, there's something very liberating about walking around half undressed and not really caring what other people think. I came to feel very attractive no matter what my body looked like. And two, I found that the more we got into the kinkiness of the sex, the less kinky I was in my own life. It made me really appreciate straightforward, vanilla love. There's something very refreshing about that. I mean, I observed a couple of S&M scenes, and I don't judge it, but it does make me sad that this is what they need to get off. I guess that's what I learned. It's okay once in a while, but I wouldn't want a steady diet of it.

Q: What's the language like in the film?

A: It's not hard-core. We use a lot of euphemisms, actually.

Q: "Love cave"? "Man root"?

A: "Member." And I always liked "jade stalk." The Taoists use that for the male member.

Q: I like talking dirty better in theory than in practice.

A: You never, like, in the heat of the moment. . .?

Q: I don't remember.

A: You've got to get out more. Although it is good to store up your chai for the right person.

Q: My chee?

A: Your sexual energy, your chai.

Q: Do you use fancy words like that during sex?

A: I love to talk during sex, but no, I use the basic dirty words, the hard-core ones. I've been told to shut up before.

Q: Have you ever had phone sex?

A: I'm a big believer in phone sex with my boyfriend. I've been on for about an hour. The anticipation is great. And phone sex is safe, too. I should do ads for AT&T.

Q: One of the chapters in Exit to Eden is called "Love at First Sight." Do you believe in that?

A: I believe in infatuation at first sight, which I think comes from some neurotic button that the other person pushes in you. I have a friend who thinks that the only thing that keeps couples together is if their neuroses match. He says that your neuroses bring you together and your neuroses break you apart, and it's true.

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