TRAILER: Barry Bostwick Is a Werewolf-Hunting Roosevelt in FDR: American Badass

We're going to be seeing a run of Lincoln films in the near future, but did Lincoln ever fight werewolves while rolling in a wheelchair tricked out with machine guns? I daresay he did not. (I mean sure, hunted vampires. But vampires are so 2008.) You know who did? Franklin Delano Roosevelt, that's who! At least, according to this new trailer for FDR: American Badass, which gleefully posits an alternate telling of American history.

Written by Ross Patterson and directed by Garrett Brawith, FDR: American Badass stars Barry Bostwick as FDR, the POTUS who, the trailer tells us, contracted polio from the bite of a werewolf. A Nazi werewolf. The affliction keeps him in a wheelchair and fuels his desire to bring down the Axis powers with the help of General Douglas MacArthur, or "Dougie Mac" (Ray Wise) and Eleanor Roosevelt (Lin Shaye). William Mapother can also be seen as FDR's doctor, while Kevin Sorbo is on the cast list as... wait for it... Abraham Lincoln.

Peter Webber may have scored Tommy Lee Jones to play MacArthur in his Matthew Fox-starring Emperor, but do you think Jones's General will have lines to rival "Shut the fuck up, Einstein!"? (I mean, maybe he will! We can always hope.)

Patterson and Brawith previously collaborated on Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury, starring Sorbo and Danny Trejo, so they seem to have a knack for getting stars of yesteryear onboard with these neo-B movies. FDR: American Badass doesn't currently have a release date set, so cross your fingers for an update soon. Because any president that endorses the Loko has my vote.